Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kian's Yo Gabba Gabba Shoes!

There's a newly opened Vans Store in Trinoma (ground floor, just beside National Bookstore), so we decided to check it out and see if they have bigger sizes of Yo Gabba Gabba shoes for kids.  They have them!!!!!  Kian chose Plex!

Excited!  :)

He just ♥ them!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Inspiration: My Cocomo Swimsuit

Lately, I was too lazy to do my workouts..  Hubby thinks it's because I've already reached my goal weight and size.  So last Sunday, I went to Super Sale Bazaar at Rockwell (should've taken photos!), I saw Cocomo Clothing on sale!  I looked for a one piece swimsuit and found one!

Serena P1,150
Got it for only P850.00!!! So, so pretty!  I hope I can wear it though, hehehe!

(photo from Cocomo Clothing)

Kian's 6th Birthday!

Our morning was spent decorating cupcakes that Kian asked instead of a cake.. Yun pala, he wanted to decorate, and give some to his teachers..  I baked some chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting!

After his school, we went to SM, to buy hamsters!  And then, went to Trinoma to have dinner at Dencio's which he requested of course!

Family Pic! :)

Another tooth fell off!

The next day, Saturday, he wanted to eat at Causeway.. Super favorite ang siomai!!!!

yummy pancit!

family picture!

ang makukulit na kids!


my pretty girl!

Wasn't able to take pictures of all the food that we ordered..  I was so hungry na, and I need to feed the kids!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mango Cheesecake Bars

Hubby's been requesting for mango cheesecake, so I made him cheesecake bars.  This time I added walnuts to the crust.  It's much better.. Yum!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Review: Regenesis Radio Frequency

Last night, I was scheduled for my Radio Frequency at Regenesis the Face and Body Boutique which I bought from Ensogo for only P400.00 valued at P3,000.00 and expires on September. 
I just read my voucher 'cause I was wondering why they only treated me for 30 minutes..  No time was indicated on the voucher though, but at Envie Slim and Sculpt, they treated me for 45 minutes.  Sayang naman ang 15 minutes.. Oh well, baka ganun talaga sa kanila..  But it was soo fast.  After my session, they measured me again and I lost 3cm., Wasn't big, but that's okay, I was more into getting firmer skin. 
But now I'm thinking it's not so sulit to go there just for my session, as they're located at Metrowalk and I live in Caloocan.. Layo..  I have 3 more vouchers pa..
There was no side effect after my session, just no cold water for me for the next 3 days, I should workout now..  They say it's more effective. 

The Radiofrequency (RF) technology has the ability to penetrate the skin deeply using focused heat wave, without damaging any of the layers, only stimulating collagen formation and renewal. Collagen renewal is important to the skin, as it allows the skin to heal more quickly and replace dead skin cells. The skin, as we age, heals less quickly because of slow collagen renewal, so it is important to stimulate the collagen if we want to have skin that’s almost as taut as when we were younger. After each treatment, you will feel your skin getting firmer immediately, but don’t feel complacent just yet. A total of four to six sessions will guarantee the best results possible. 
Thanks Babe! Sinamahan mo ko.. Love ya!