Monday, February 28, 2011

Andi's Parade

Last Thursday was Andi's Parade for her Little Mr. and Ms. Sacred Heart. Woke up early again to fix her hair and make up, and this time she's going to wear her Wonder Woman costume.  The theme of their float was superhero.  Of course everybody was really excited, we already brought the truck to our partner The Abads (because they were 4th Placers too) because they'll be the one to design the truck. 

We were kinda' hoping for a nice float but we were surprised that it was too simple.  We were in charge of the truck, and our partner will be designing the truck.  If only we knew, we could have helped them with the float.  Oh well, as long as the kids are happy, we're happy.  

But as soon as we got at the school, Andi was not in the mood (as always).  She was being masungit to everyone.  She wasn't smiling at the teachers or the camera. . 

And then I just bribed her with a candy.. Now, she's smiling! Hehehe!

 With her partner Matthew Abad.

 It was nice to see people smiling at the kids.. Got us more excited.

With the supportive kuya, woke up early to join the parade.  It's a good thing his class starts at lunch.

It was a fun parade, Thank God for the nice weather.  It wasn't sunny just cool enough for the kids.  It made the parade so much easier for everyone. 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Andi's Big Day! (Coronation Day)

Hubby wasn't able to sleep because he was soo excited!  He's so worried about everything! And I, on the other hand went to sleep early, 'cause I don't want to feel sleepy for Andi's big day.  Woke up at 5:30 am, I want to get to Andi's school early.  There's not much parking space at her school.. And I'll be the one to fix Andi's Hair and do her make up 'cause I don't want others to overdo it, she's just 3.  She's the youngest among the girls.  And we are so proud of her!

Dressed her up with their "futuristic costume".  I love this dress on her, so cute! 

 with her dance partner/classmate Dax
The Contestants
Andi's Talent Show

Andi's Long gown.. so pretty..

She came in 4th place.. Next time, we'll definitely join a real competition!  That will judge you accordingly and not with money..
My little girl was actually in pain with her long gown.. The straps were so thin and the gown was  too heavy  for her it was weighing her down.  We were so worried 'cause she's really hurt, we thought she's gonna cry and leave! But no, she went up the stage when they were called, posed, smiled and walked gracefully.. awww.. That made me really proud! I never expected her to do that.  

We're so proud of you Andi!!

Although, we already knew who won because it's about how much money you have solicited.  We still enjoyed and had the best time watching our little girl.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Little Ms Sacred Heart

Okay, I'm giving in.. I'm so gonna dress up my little girl Andi!  I thought pageants especially this one, is not that important, that she can wear anything, but not! Once you've joined, there's no turning back.   

This pageant is all about the money! The more money you have, the more chance you'll have on the 1st prize.  Me and hubby are actually a little shy on soliciting money to our friends that's why we just asked our parents to give the envelopes to their friends. Hehe! But I don't like the idea of giving the school money to pay for the renovation of their gym.. I was like, why don't they have the money? It's a private school so I guess they'll have a budget for that, why take it on us? Just asking.. 

But hey, we're all getting excited about this 'cause it's the first time for all of us.  But I bought the wrong dress 'cause it was too simple, I didn't know that it has to be a huge gown!  (after I saw the other kids' gowns from the rehearsal) So we had to make a last minute decision, rent a gown! It's a good thing there's a gown rental shop near us, whew! (Saved us from having regrets!) It wasn't as expensive as I thought it was and it was really gorgeous!!! An we found silver sandals to go with her "futuristic dress".  Now, we're really excited!!! 

Oh, these are the dresses, soo worth it!

These are just for the pageant.. Whew!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Leron Leron sinta

I didn't know there's a new version of Leron Leron Sinta.. I just love the way he sings Tagalog songs.. And yes, slang kami! hahahaha!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bargain Finds!

My little girl Andi joined their school's Mr. and Ms. Sacred Heart, so I need dresses and costumes that she'll probably wear once.  That's why I love it when I find something I need that's on sale!  Since sometimes it's not planned so you don't have enough budget for it, but you really need to get it.  Like her super hero costume, we've been looking for one but it's kinda' expensive since she's just going to wear it once, costumes costs around Php 499-599. But thank God I found this Wonder Woman costume from Php 400 now it's only Php 200!
And this dress for only Php 599
This cutie pink shoes at Mothercare for only Php 400
All these were on sale! Found something for me too, Hehehe! But I can't upload them, I don't know why.. Maybe next time..

I forgot to mention, I'm soo kuripot! That's why hubby's getting a little annoyed..

The "New" Mister Kabab

Had an early dinner at Mister Kabab yesterday at their West Avenue Branch.  I miss the old kabab recipe, 'cause I think they changed something on all their food especially the garlic sauce, it was way better before.  Don't you think?

My favorite Chicken Beryani
 Yummy Ox Brain!!!
Sizzling Keema
 Hubby's all time favorite Special Double Chelo

Even if they taste a little different, we still keep coming back for more.. I'll post the prices next time..

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cuisinier Brasserie's Grand Opening!

We left the kids at Trinoma with my mother-in-law to attend  the grand opening of Cuisinier. We were late, that's why I had to borrow a picture.  
(Photo from Ms. Cecille T. Rosales)

The Buffet

 with our good friend/kumare Chef Mafe

 Watermelon flavored Beer! Yummy!
Drinking Session na! We met new friends and we got along really well (as you can see.. )

I had the Tequila Rose, margaritas, flavored beers, vodka, tequila.. We had a lot pala!

The party was a blast! Scrumptious food and wonderful friends all in a lovely place in Timog. I wish I'd taken more pictures.. Oh well, next time..