Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My Denlim's Kitchen Experience

We were invited to an advance birthday dinner of our friend Tony at Denlim's Kitchen in San Fernando, Pampanga.  It was the first time I heard about this restaurant, so they tagged us to their facebook account to get a first look at what they offer.  Saw their famous Beef ala Dione and Pugon Liempo, it looked promising..  Plus, it was in Pampanga, must be worth the trip!
Denlim's Kitchen is strictly by reservation private dining in his kitchen, he only accepts one group at a time.  I suggest you make a reservation way ahead of the time.

We had a mini tour at the 2nd floor, it has lots of awesome collectible antiques.

Denlim's Kitchen

Training Shoes and Turning 32

I never really thought of investing on my training shoes, I always buy any gym shoes that looked good and were on sale.  Anyway, nasa bahay lang naman ako nag wo-workout.  But ever since I changed my workouts into high intensity, intervals, I've been having a hard time with my gym shoes.  Turns out, there are the right training shoes for every workouts and all.  Made to work for you.
So, since it was my birthday last December 26, I asked hubby for a decent training shoes.  I've been eyeing the Nike Free Bionic shoes.
I'm a happy girl!

Nike Free Bionic Women's Training shoe designed for high intensity, training, boot camp, intervals, kickboxing or your favorite gym workout.
Tried it out the next day (yea, I was really excited!), it really made mountain climbers, burpees, squat jumps and more easier and safer to do.  It's like your barefoot but with the right protection and support.  Indeed a good investment, especially when I workout 4-5 x a week.
Now, I'm ready to take the 30 day workout challenge again!

Conversations with my kids:
Kian: Mommy, you're losing too much weight na, you're so payat na.
Me: No, I'm not!
Kian: so, what do you call that slim body??

Me: arrghh, I'm getting old!
Andi: 32 is old?

Khloe: Mommy, you're so beautiful! I love you!

I love my kids!!!  Love 'em to bits!♥ They give honest opinions!