Thursday, July 31, 2014

My Crow Pose Progress

The Superfood Grocer

I've been searching for healthy food or any vitamins to add to our daily food.  Take note, I wasn't looking for any "magic" diet pills or food that claim to help you lose pounds fast.  I'm not a big believer of anything with "fast" results when it comes to health..  To achieve a healthy state takes time and energy, and I don't see myself relying on their "magic" for a long time.  Plus, think about their side effects...  Going healthy is my best choice, for all the obvious reasons.
Then, I found The Superfood Grocer, they sell organic, natural, plant-based superfood like Spirulina, Camu-Camu and Maca Power to name a few.  I ordered their Superfood Starter Pack B which consists of Spirulina, Maca Power, Malunggay, Raw Cacao Nibs and Coconut Sugar.

As you adopt a large serving of Super Green Smoothies into your daily habit, you will be experiencing, among others:
    • More energy (waking up feeling energized, not sluggish)
    • Less cravings (from superior nourishment)
    • Faster recovery
    • Balanced hormones (no more menstrual cramps for women & milder menopausal symptoms)
    • Glowing skin (from the inside out)
    • Super immunity from disease
    • An overall Supercharged, more vibrant you 
They provide recipes, guides and even workshops, just visit site to know more.