Friday, March 7, 2014

The Fun Farm at Sta. Rosa Laguna

I've been meaning to go to this farm since I saw their Country Fair "Balik-Bukid", just didn't have the time and hubby doesn't believe it's a "fun" farm.  Anyhow, I insisted, I booked our day travel last Feb 25.  The place wasn't hard to find, it's inside Sta Elena Village in Laguna.
Since we were early, we bought breakfast at Mcdonald's (it's at the gas station before the exit at Cabuyao) and ate at the car because hubby wasn't sure if the farm has clean tables and all.
I booked our farm visit just by texting them, they replied with our visit schedule, what's good about this farm is that they don't overcrowd/overbook, so you'll enjoy all their amenities without the lines.  Entrance fee is P300.00 (2 yrs old and above) inclusive of all the amenities!  Super sulit when you get there!
At the entrance

There are lots of things to do at the farm that the kids and adults too are sure to enjoy.  They have a mini zipline, sandbox house, mini fishing, mini boating, animal feeding (bunnies & guinea pigs), rope course & obstacle course, outdoor playground, running and biking trails, carabao-cart riding, horse back riding, farm pavilion, picnic grounds (you can bring your own food!).

You\ll be greeted by the staff with a smile, everyone was very accommodating and friendly, that made all the activities more fun!

At the Farm Pavilion
At the picnic grounds

The kids really enjoyed the mini zipline!  We had it all to ourselves at the time, so they did it for like 3-4 times!  Hehehe.
This is my youngest, I think she wasn't sure what she's going in to..  But she had fun!  Just didn't went back for another.. hehe.
My middle love, she's a toughie..  She went first not knowing what's gonna happen, didn't even asked us what it does.. To our surprise, she loved it!  It wasn't that scary daw..  :D
My eldest, I was worried because he was too big to be pulled by kuya,, hahaha!
We went fishing!!!!
kuya putting on the bait-worm!!
I caught a fish!!!!!  Weeeee!!!
Mini boating
You can also cross the pond with the rope, but I didn't do it!  The kids are crazy scared and so was I, it was too wiggly and all..  I'll do it next time! :D
Then, we rode the carabao cart to go around the farm, his name is Choc-nut! :D
At the Holy Carabao Holostic Farm where they plant and sell organic vegetables and fruits.
Horse back riding.
At the sandbox house.
Feeding the bunnies and guinea pigs!  They enjoyed doing this, since they don't have access to any animal..  They're just too scared to even touch them.  This time, they fed, touched and pet them!
At first, they were too scared but they saw other kids playing with the guinea pigs inside, so they went in too!  They had soo much fun!
Going around the farm!
Wash area!  With soaps and tissue, and even a sink for your feet!
I definitely recommend this farm!  It's super fun indeed!  Our 4 hours of stay was fun, there's just lots of things to do for the kids.  All the staff were really nice, helpful and accommodating.. Their comfort rooms are nice and clean, they have sinks that are just around the farm.  We just missed the tour around the Holy Carabao because it was already noon, the sun was high up and we were all starving!  We didn't bring any food..  Yea, my bad..  But we're definitely coming back, not so soon though, I called them up for another weekend visit but the farm schedule is fully booked for all the weekends till April.  Gotta book early!

Fun Farm / Holy Carabao
ADDRESS | Sta. Elena Properties Inc.
Barrio Malitlit, Sta. Rosa, Laguna

CALL or TEXT | 0920 468 8785
or 0918 888 6588

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