Friday, September 21, 2012

The Off Price Show 2012

Let's Gow!!!!!
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NDGM's Field Demonstration 2012

Been busy fixing the kids' costumes for their field demonstration at school.  Oh, no, I didn't made them! :)
Ate's costume
Kuya's costume
I'm not sure if I'm glad that Andi danced at the front or not, we had a hard time trying to take a good picture of her or even take a video..  We were too far from her..  But anyway, we're happy that she's happy and excited about their dance, soo proud of her!!
i love this picture!
 Look for Ate..  They danced to the song Papi of Jennifer Lopez.

happy ate!
Kuya's Dance (Katy Perry's Fireworks), didn't know where he's place was gonna be, so I was far from him again!
After their field demonstration, we headed straight to the rides and games!
wedges, very useful when I was watching the kids perform!
A break from school work was fun for them at first but they got tired..  They wanted their lessons back!  Hehe!