Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bon Chon Chicken & Johnny English

Oh yea! Another date night with hubby..
We watched Johnny English Reborn at Greenhills Promenade (by the way, was hilarious!) so we can also try Bon Chon Chicken.
Bon Chon is the famous chicken abroad which I think lots of Pinoys are getting hooked, I've seen it on Facebook, read about it on lots of blogs and I've seen their growing branches but this was the first time that we're gonna try it.
Mixed soy garlic and hot and spicy wings P185.00
calamari P125.00
french fries P45.00

Hubby's current favorite drink
Our verdict: Their chicken is so over-rated!! We expected too much from this chicken... It was okay, not something that we'd be excited to come back to or even crave for... I think we're just used to eating chicken that comes with a dip... Like gravy, sauces or even toyo/suka with sili!

I wanted to try Happy Lemon but the line was oh so looong and it was time for us to get inside the movie house..

*Next time!