Thursday, October 31, 2013

Our Mind Museum Experience

I planned a birthday celebration for my eldest at The Mind Museum, he's into science lately so I thought it would be a good idea to visit.  We bought our tickets online, adults costs P600 while children up to college costs P450, the public school students and teachers has a special price of P150 each.  They also have an all day pass which is P750.
They have time slots for visiting 9am-12nn / 12nn-3pm / 3pm-6pm, they are closed on Mondays.  We went there on a Saturday for the 3pm schedule.

We went there early of course, we're from Caloocan and the Mind Museum was at Taguig, good thing they have a playground that has lots of bubbles and slides, that all of us enjoyed!

Bubbles everywhere!

The Mind Museum has a narrative presentation of Science that people of all ages will definitely enjoy.  There's just lots of things to do there, you get to "experience" science yourself and with some help from the "the mind movers: resident scientists".

"The Story of Science in the Philippines"

"The Mind Museum concept is uniquely Filipino. Our exhibition takes off from a narrative that presents science in over 250 interactive exhibits through five interconnected stories. The exhibition spans nature in scale, from the smallest thing in nature to the largest and everything in between: AtomEarthLifeUniverse, and Technology.

Almost all the exhibits in The Mind Museum are originally designed by Filipino artists and fabricators who worked closely with scientists here and abroad to execute science principles or facts clearly and beautifully. "

JY Campos Park, 3rd Avenue
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
909-MIND (6463)

My Dream Job in a Glass of Fresh Milk

I was invited at one of the school tours of Jolly Cow at Angelicum College, Quezon City.  This was my first time to be invited as a blogger, so I was so excited!  Luckily, The Peach Kitchen was there to help me.. (Thanks, Peach!).  Jolly Cow launched their Fresh Milk campaign to help kids get into drinking fresh milk everyday to help them achieve their dreams, promote proper nutrition that will help kids to become successful and to teach the kids the value of recycling.
They had Wanlu and his puppets to entertain them and a puppet workshop for the students of Angelicum College.
Wanlu and Niccolo
Wanlu had lots of activities for the kids and the teachers, the kids from their class really had fun.
Then, the puppet workshop, the kids brought socks, rubber bands and coloring materials for the activity.
busy kids..
the kids enjoying their sock puppets
Jolly Cow Mascot
While everyone was enjoying the activities, I brought my little girl Khloe at the Jolly Cow sampling booth, I asked her to try it and she loved it!  Maybe because of its creamy taste.  Yum!
Jolly Cow sampling booth
The kids were awarded with a personalized tumbler, it was really cute!!!  It had their face on them and the profession they wanted when they grow up, and a bag of goodies, awesome!
And we received items from Jolly Cow, thanks Ms Abby Castelo for the invite!!  I really appreciate it, my daughter had so much fun!
Jolly Cow Frsh Milk, Non-Fat Milk and Condensada
Since I became conscious about our food intake, the kids growing up so fast and with a busy schedule at school, I'm still in search of a dependable food/drink for them.  I wouldn't want their health to be at risk while they're doing their activities.  I want something good for their health while they enjoy eating or drinking them.  Jolly Cow got my attention, it has a yummy, creamy taste compared to other Fresh Milk that my kids love.
As for me, being a hands-on mom, and while doing my workouts at home, I can't get sick!  I'm not allowed, so a good source of  Calcium is needed in my diet.  Good thing, Jolly Cow has Fresh Milk that comes in non-fat too! Yey! Their milk is sourced from Germany.  It contains 3.5% of fat content which is higher than other brands which make Jolly Cow Fresh Milk tastes better.  It is the fat milk that makes Fresh Milk taste good.

Calcium Deficiency - is caused by lack or not enough calcium intakes based on the required dietary allowance for calcium.  Calcium requirement differs for gender and age.

Effects of Calcium Deficiency for kids:
  • Height is smaller than other kids of same age.
  • Thin body that other kids of same age.
  • Tooth Decay.
  • Frequent absences at school due to various health problems.
  • Unable to excel in various extra-curricular activities (matamlay, mahina ang pangangatawan at nagiging lampa)
Importance of Drinking Fresh Milk:
  • Milk helps kids cope during growth spurts.
  • Milk helps provide complete nutrition during puberty.
  • Milk contains protein, which helps to rebuild muscles.
  • Milk helps kids to get smarter.
  • Milk helps kids to get stronger.
  • Milk is great source of Calcium which is needed for better bone and teeth development.
Why Fresh Milk?
  • 100% Natural.  It only undergoes a process that lengthens its shelf life.  No chemical or fortification is made.
  • Contains all nutrients of milk like calcium, protein, carbohydrate, and etc.  that are good for the body.
  • Convenient.  Easy to prepare.
  • Consistent in quality.  Unlike with powdered milk, it always depends on how you mix it with water.  The amount of milk powder and water affects the consistency of milk.