Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My Denlim's Kitchen Experience

We were invited to an advance birthday dinner of our friend Tony at Denlim's Kitchen in San Fernando, Pampanga.  It was the first time I heard about this restaurant, so they tagged us to their facebook account to get a first look at what they offer.  Saw their famous Beef ala Dione and Pugon Liempo, it looked promising..  Plus, it was in Pampanga, must be worth the trip!
Denlim's Kitchen is strictly by reservation private dining in his kitchen, he only accepts one group at a time.  I suggest you make a reservation way ahead of the time.

We had a mini tour at the 2nd floor, it has lots of awesome collectible antiques.

Denlim's Kitchen

8 Course Degustation prepared by Chef Den
Focaccia Bread with Roasted Eggplant Cheddar Dip
I love bread! love 'em more with dips!  So, this was heaven, the dip was really tasty..  Had to stop myself from eating this, sayang naman kung mabusog agad!
Zach's Twisted Salad
This salad was flavorful, with a zing and the right sweetness and sourness. 
Pasta Negra
First time to try Pasta Negra, delicious!  Pasta in squid ink with lots of seafood toppings.  Yum!!
Shrimp Scampi
They served the shrimps just enough for us get more..  Sarap! :D
Saffron Rice
"Rice all you can!" :))
Rosemary and Basil Pesto Chicken
Juicy chicken with flavorful spices. 

Beef ala Dion
This beef is full of flavor, drenched on its own beefy goodness, melts in your mouth too.  Chef Den says it's one meticulous recipe.  And it was worth it! 
The Pugon Liempo
Need I say more?  Just look at those skin, they were crunchy!!  This sinfully delicious liempo was paired with "burro"(fermented rice),  I have encountered burro before, never really liked how it smelled so, I opted not to taste it..then.  But Chef Den's recipe doesn't have that bad smell.. so, I tried it and it was really good!  It complimented the liempo, lettuce and the tomatoes.  
Chef Den in action!
And for dessert, Quezo de Bola Cheesecake from Teaspoon.  I love cheese, but I'm not a big fan Quezo de Bola, but this one's a winner!!  I think I had 2 slices? :P
with Chef Den
Denlim's kitchen is not just about their delectable food.  I also liked how we got to know the chef and the food he served.  It was worth our trip!

Denlim's Kitchen
(045) 435 0067
Regina Bldg., Maharlika Street, Sinadalan, San Fernando, Pampanga


  1. I want to taste the Pasta Negra. Hope we heard this before we have food trip in Pampanga. Wish to visit Pampanga again and taste this Pasta Negra! :)

  2. You can always come back, although there's a long waiting list at Denlim's.. you have to place your reservation atleast 2 months before your preferred date.. they are that good..