Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My 30 Day Workout Challenge

Yehey!!  I finished/survived my 30 day workout challenge!!!  Whew!  Ang galing ko(yes, I'm proud!!).  Although, It was really, really hard, that there were days that my body can't take it anymore but I still went through it, and at the last week of the challenge I had flu but still went with it.  Surprisingly, it didn't get worse, with water therapy and lots a vitamin C!
Had some interruptions from the kids too, "mommy, can you get this" or "mommy, can you help me with this", all in between my workouts!  Took me not more than 10 seconds to obey them though, just so they won't bother me again!

My Measurements:
                          Before                    After          
Arms                   9 in.                         9 in
Waist                  26 in                       25 in
Hips                   32 1/2 in                  31 in
Thighs                20 in                        19 in

I'm soo happy with the results, plus, I feel stronger and my body's more firm.  I found a new way of training, I felt motivated and inspired to train everyday and I love how sore I am the next day, just means I did the right routine with the proper form (well, I hope)..  Just had some problems with my diet, wasn't eating healthy all the time, it was hard to resist sweets and rice and pasta! :D
I will definitely do this again mid January, after all the Holiday celebrations so, maybe just maybe, I can have some discipline with my diet just for a month.  But that doesn't mean I'll stop working out before that, I'll still workout 5x a week..  With all the celebrations this Holiday season, kailangan i-burn lahat, agad-agad!! :D
Thank you so much Lisa Marie of BodyRock.tv!!!  I'm more confident and proud with my body, sabi nga ni hubby, hindi lahat kaya yung ginagawa mo, mag workout 5x a week, intense pa! :D  So, I realized, oo nga.. there are just a few people na I know who goes to the gym pa..  Ibang klaseng motivation daw meron ako to workout at home..  But every time my family would see me working out, "may contest?" hehehe!
I'm not doing this to be skinny,
Thanks hubby, for the support!  Mmwah!
Oh, and yes, I posted a picture of mine, because I worked hard for it, I earned it and I feel good!  Hey, I'm a mom of three :D