Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Bought our first Toms shoes, same design of course!  The saleslady asked us to get the ones that fit just right, not any bigger because the shoes will get bigger in time.
Toms Classic Earthwise Slate
The people at Nothing But H2O took our picture for their campaign on facebook, as a proof that you bought the original TOMS shoes.  Nice! ♥♥♥ will post the picture as soon as they post it on their page..

"With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need.  
One for One"

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ocean Adventure, Subic!

Unsure of our plan for the long weekend, we didn't call for a reservation at Camayan Beach Resort in Subic because of the storm "Mina" heading North. Came sunday, we decided to buy our baon and just go, we arrived at Camayan around 4pm. As always, they were fully booked, so we didn't have a place to stay for the night.. It was still early so Camayan suggested we vist th Ocean Adventure, just beside the resort.  It was still drizzling that day, but it's okay, the kids were all excited! :)
excited kids!

happy dolphin boy!

nice garden around Ocean Adventure
 At The Sea Lion Show
upside down sea lion

the place was packed!

the biggest sea lion that they have

At the Dolphin Show
surfin' on a dolphin

"the dolphin walks on water"

love this shot!

the little girl enjoyed the show!

Ocean Adventure
Camayan Wharf, West Ilanin Forest Area
Subic Bay Freeport Zone
2222, Philippines 

Park Hours:
9 AM - 6PM

Entrance Fee:
Adults: P550.00
Senior Citizen: P440.00
Kids (12 yrs old and below): P440.00
Khloe: FREE!! ( (30 inches)

Globe Powersurf

Since we'll be out of town for the long weekend, it's time to try Globe's Prepaid Powersurf for our Ipad.  Bought a Prepaid card at Select.

Ok naman, not too slow and not too fast.. Hehehe! Pwede na for viewing Facebook! :)  Can't blog with my Ipad though, it can't upload pictures eh.. or I just don't know how?

1. What is PowerSurf?
PowerSurf offers you affordable access to the Internet on your mobile phone by giving you consumable surfing hours. Surf and stop as you wish for a total of 1- to 5-hour internet access within 1 to 3 days, depending on your subscribed variant.
2. Who can avail of this promo?
All Globe Prepaid and Globe Tattoo Prepaid mobile and Broadband subscribers can avail of this promo. However, Powersurf15, which offers 1 hour of consumable mobile internet offer, is available to Globe Prepaid mobile users only.
3. I am a Postpaid subscriber with SuperSurf/BlackBerry MAX. Can I register to this service?
PowerSurf is currently available to Globe Prepaid and Globe Tattoo Prepaid Mobile and Broadband subscribers only.
4. What are the different PowerSurf offers I can subscribe to and how do I avail of these promos?
There are three variants to choose from:
  • POWERSURF15 gives you 1 hour of consumable mobile internet access valid for 1 day. Just text POWERSURF15 to 8888.
  • POWERSURF30 gives you 3 hours of consumable mobile internet access valid for 1 day. Just text POWERSURF30 to 8888.
  • POWERSURF50 gives you 5 hours of consumable mobile internet access valid for 3 days. Just text POWERSURF50 to 8888
You must maintain P5 load to continue using PowerSurf 30 and PowerSurf 50, and P1 load to continue using PowerSurf15.
5. Can I avail of this promo through retailers via load?
This promo is currently available through text registration only.
6. After I register, how will I know if my PowerSurf is active already?/
You will receive a confirmation message to let you know that your PowerSurf is active already. You can also check the status of your PowerSurf subscription by texting POWERSURFSTATUS to 8888, i.e. POWERSURF STATUS.
7. Can I avail of this promo while roaming?
Sorry, but this promo is available while you are in the Philippines only.
8. What websites can I visit using PowerSurf?
You can visit any website using PowerSurf.
9. What if my PowerSurf subscription expires or is fully consumed while surfing the Internet? Will I automatically be registered to PowerSurf again?
You will not be automatically registered to PowerSurf again once you finish or if your subscription expires. You will receive a text notification informing you that your subscription has expired and that your succeeding browsing will be charged P5 for every 15 minutes.
It is best to purchase more consumable browsing hours while you are still subscribed to PowerSurf for an uninterrupted browsing experience.
10. While registered to PowerSurf, can I register to SuperSurf too?
Sorry, you may not register to other mobile internet offers while registered to PowerSurf. You will need to stop your subscription to PowerSurf by texting POWERSURFSTOP to 8888, i.e. POWERSURF STOP, before registering to SuperSurf.
You may, however, subscribe to more PowerSurf hours by texting POWERSURF15, POWERSURF30, or POWERSURF50 to 8888. This adds more hours to your total hours. Date of Expiration will be based on the registration that provides a later expiration date.
For example, you registered to PowerSurf30 on April 13, 12 nn, and consumed 2 hours. Then on April 13, 1 pm, you registered to PowerSurf again. You now have a total of 4 hours which is valid until April 14, 1 pm.
11. How much prepaid balance should I maintain in order to enjoy my PowerSurf promo?
For POWERSURF15, you must maintain a minimum balance of P1, while P5 is required for POWERSURF30 and POWERSURF50 to be able to enjoy your mobile browsing experience.
12. When will my subscription expire?
Depending on the variant subscribed to, your subscription will end either 24 hours after receiving the confirmation text (for the P30 variant) or 72 hours after receiving the confirmation text (for the P50 variant). You will also receive a text notification that your subscription has expired or has been fully consumed.
13. If I stop my PowerSurf subscription prior to its expiry or full consumption, will I get a refund for the remaining number of hours/days?
It is always best to consume your subscribed service before stopping it. If you choose to unsubscribe or stop the PowerSurf service before its expiry or before you fully consume the browsing hours, your remaining unused hours will be forfeited.
14. How can I check if my subscription is still active?
To check your subscription status, text POWERSURFSTATUS to 8888.
15. What do I text if I want to know more about the promo?
To know more about this promo, text POWERSURFHELP to 8888.
16. What should I text if I want to unsubscribe from the promo?
To stop your PowerSurf subscription before its expiry date, text POWERSURFSTOP to 8888.
17. Can I avail of other promos while I am subscribed to PowerSurf?
You may subscribe to other call and text promos as you normally would while subscribed to PowerSurf. However, other mobile surfing offers like SuperSurf cannot be availed while subscribed to PowerSurf.
18. I registered to PowerSurf but cannot seem to access the internet? What is wrong?
You may want to check if you have the correct GPRS and Internet settings.
To get the latest settings, just text GOHANDSET MODEL,,1234 to 2951. For example, GO N70,,1234. You will receive a text message containing all GPRS and internet settings. Make sure to save all these in your phone.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Before we went out last night, we had to do Plyometric Cardio Circuit at home (we don’t wanna miss our scheduled workout).  Left the kids at home with my mother-in-law, then off we went to Greenbelt to meet our friends.

Starving, we tried to look for Bon Chon in Greenbelt, but it was closing time and it was raining so we decided to change plans and just eat at Banana Leaf at Greenbelt 3.  

Banana leaves as plate
L-R: Penang Char Kway Teow, Malayan Beef Curry w/ Potatoes & Nasi Goreng
Hubby's Plate!
Just in time for the movie (11:20 PM), I thought it was just another funny love story because Steve Carell was in it.  You know, the usual..  But this one was different, it has its own twists, and Steve Carell made me cry!  (hubby still can’t believe he made me cry).  Maybe because the story touched me in so many ways and made me realized a lot (yea, I'm a sucker for love stories).  But he's still funny, actually, everyone was super funny.  Pansin ko lang, uso na talaga ang abs ‘coz Ryan Gosling has one that looked like it’s been “photoshopped”.  Hehehe!  Oh, even the kids were funny and kinda’ weird??  Which was okay 'coz they looked cute and we loved the movie!

Go watch it!!!!