Monday, August 11, 2014

IndependenceARMy Challenge

Finally, I found some time to blog..  It's been a while.. But even though I haven't had time to blog, I still managed to squeeze in my daily workout, and I have decided to join @laurasykora, @beahcyogagirl and @kinoyoga's IndependenceARMy challenge for the month of July.  I'm on day 9 today, so here are some of my photos.

I'm loving this challenge, I'm learning new tricks and poses and discovering my strength.  A lot of people are asking what kind of yoga do I do, how many times do I workout, how are you that flexible, how did you get so strong and a lot more..  Well, I actually only do yoga once a week, on Wednesdays because that's my active rest day.  I do 45mins Vinyasa from Nike Training Club App or look for anything on youtube.  I do mostly, high intense interval training 4x a week and practice headstands, backbends and splits because I have a long way to go..  I wasn't flexible when I started, but when you practice everyday, it'll make a big difference.  I think I got stronger when I started lifting weights and adding yoga to my routine, the crowpose is a start but make sure to take all the precautions.
By the way, I just talked to friend recently and told me that I was one of their topics when they met up.  About me going upside down, doing this and that!  Hehehe! And some of my friends are complimenting me for the pose..  Thank you soo much!!  It feels great to inspire other people to get up and get moving, change their lifestyle and all.
Looks like I'll be posting more of these soon..

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