Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Teeth Extraction

My middle child, is one picky eater, so every time we eat I would chop her food into bite size so she can easily eat her food.  Easy peasy, right?  But here's the problem, her permanent teeth started to grow behind her milk teeth..  Our dentist suggested we give apples for her to bite so the teeth can come out on its own, but the picky eater in her refused to eat or bite into those apples.. haay..

There's no choice but to extract her teeth, so we went to our dentist..  This is actually the first time for one of our kids.  So, you can imagine our feeling..  We were scared and nervous..  But our dentist made sure she was going to be fine, he was really calm explaining what's gonna happen, then we saw this..  

Oh my gosh!!  What did we get her into?!  

This girl was soo brave!!  We're so proud of her, she didn't even shed a tear!  She made it easy for everyone, considering she's our "drama queen", but that time, she took it all in like a grown up! :D

3 teeth out!!!
Whew!  I'm so glad we have a dentist friend..  We didn't have a traumatic experience as we thought we would..  The kids didn't get scared of him and all..  Thanks to Doc Mariusse for a painless teeth extraction! :D

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